Diet Free Thinking

Diet-Free Thinking is critical for weight loss to last. Choose Inner Wisdom to allow your body to drop extra weight.

Diet free thinking allows the body to experience weight loss and not be in the defensive mode, just waiting to put the weight right back on. One of the major reasons diets don't work is because when dieting most often we go against the body’s INHERENT WISDOM that guides us to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full (just like all little babies do).

After several dieting episodes (if you have dieted more than once) just a slight drop in food intake can trigger the primitive part of the brain that is there to protect us. This very primal part signals the body move into a metabolic state I call the "Starvation Response".

Unless we can convince the body that it is really “ok” and a famine has not started again (a diet), it won’t cooperate with you to keep the weight off no matter what you do. You may lose some weight because you exercise more or eat less, but it won’t last for long. As soon as possible the body will rebound with rapid weight gain, and usually more than you lost with the last diet.

So diet free thinking is critical to begin the process of calming the body down, and eating in a way that is responsive to hunger and fullness body cues. Is seems so simple, and really, it is.

Babies never overeat even if it is their favorite food, they will spit it out, swing their arms at you to keep you from offering another bite, or take it and sit it out and/or throw it at you sometimes. You still have that same guidance system within you, your belly can never lie or misguide you.

It is just your habits of mind and behavior that drive you eat without hunger or beyond fullness.

Babies that are full will just play with their food, they never eat beyond fullness, we have the same Inner Guidance in our belly!

Change Your Thinking

Diet free thinking begins to let the body calm down and experience weight loss without re-gaining it all back.

Diet free thinking and behavior involves "Legalizing" all foods, practicing Responsive Eating without deprivation (see Diet Free Eating on this website), translating your Fat Thoughts by discovering what other feeling is up or need that is not being satisfied, or belief that needs to be transformed. Fat thoughts are attack thoughts to yourself and projections that must be interrupted and translated. Discovering and satisfying your Other Hungers, and Eating Consciously can help you in this new way of being fully conscious and kind to yourself without abandoning the belly wisdom (inner wisdom).

Before you practice Legalizing it is good to do the Good/Bad Food exercise so that you can be more aware of those beliefs about certain foods. This is just to make a list of all the foods you think are "bad" or "forbidden", and then a separate list of foods you crave. 

Often you will find many of the "forbidden foods" are the very ones you crave. The "good" foods often are not what you crave if you have a long list of forbidden foods and have dieted a lot. If you still have in mind that some foods are forbidden or "bad", they will always "call your name" or "beckon" you as Geneen Roth would say (see the Resources tab on this web site).

The idea is to tell yourself and practice believing that you will get to eat those foods 100,000 times in your lifetime, that there are no forbidden foods. Your body will guide you when you are eating them as you stay connected to your belly wisdom and guidance.

This helps you stay calm around all foods and NOT trigger a binge or restriction which eventually leads to overeating anyway (see The Health Thought Cycle).

There are so many things to learn about your inner wisdom that is always guiding you, and so much to learn about how to undo what the mind is convincing you to believe or do (see The Lies We Believe).

Continue to investigate all of the teachings on this web site as it develops over time and STAY FASCINATED--with no self judgment, you have a great guide with you all the time, that will never lie to you, it is your inner belly wisdom. Use it by touching the belly and continually making the distinction between belly hunger and mouth/mind hunger. Touch to belly often for guidance with eating and weight loss! Your inner wisdom is there, it can never lie!

You are on your way on the journey of sustainable weight loss and no doubt you will learn a lot about yourself and how your relationship with food and weight has been created. From there you can re-create this relationship and be free in the world of food without feeling deprived or obsessing about your weight.

Don't Weigh Yourself

Another essential piece to developing Diet Free Thinking is to stop weighing yourself!

Have you ever noticed that the few people in the world who never diet usually don't weigh themselves either? Why would they? There is much to be said about the fallacy of the Height and Weight Scales as a measure of a healthy weight. I will address that in more detail in the section on this web site about Body Image. But for now see if you can stop weighing yourself, or wean your self down and ask yourself the 5 Investigative Questions regarding what weighing gives you or what do you get to feel when you weigh yourself.

Your weight and your size is really none of your business, can you believe that? Your inner wisdom will eventually take care of that for you if you stop restrictive dieting. Most often weighing results in eating more because you feel good about some weight loss or restricting more in hopes of seeing more pounds come off. Remember Dieting is Fattening, in the long run.

So send the scale away, far away (like a train ride far away).

Remember when you do weigh yourself you are weighing the little ego inside (like a little child inside - that is trying to run your life!) This little ego part is listening to everything you think, and waiting for something negative to come up to create stress, because it is wanting to run the show, be your savior by making you restrict your food intake to "make up" for the weight or lower the number you see on the scale.

I suggest you can even tell your doctors if they have to get your weight to not tell you the numbers! Look for information soon for what to say to medical professionals and friends about how you are doing things differently now and still being "response-able" about your weight and eating.

When you weigh yourself you are also weighing the little one inside, the ego that is listening to what you think and wanting to run the show after you weigh yourself!

This is the beginning of the end to struggling with your weight. Yahooo!

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