Weight Gain Causes?

The "Diet Mentality" is one of the causes of weight gain, believe it or not!

"Other Hungers"? What the heck does that mean? You just want quick weight loss, right? How can learning about "Other Hungers" be the best way to lose weight or experience quick weight loss?

So, let's consider some of the weight gain causes. See the page called Causes of Obesity to explain further.

Most people believe the best way to lose weight is to Diet, Diet, and more Diet! Going on a diet can be one of the greatest disconnects from your inner belly wisdom, so the diet mentality is not the best way to lose weight if you want to keep it off. You will learn more about this in the PDF downloads and on the page called Diet Free Thinking on this web site. Learning about the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle and The Health Thought Cycle can be very helpful in understanding more about weight gain causes.

When you diet,it also sends a loud warning signal to the body that something is wrong with the environment. You are not eating when you get hungry or eating foods that are a perfect match for your belly hunger,which the body guides you to do.

Consider Causes of Weight Gain

Her Affirmations suggested to alter these probable causes are the following (I have added to them):

More and more I am at peace with my own feelings, and know how to learn from them and shift to trust,forgiveness, peace and joy. More and more I am safe where I am. More and more I create my own security. More and more I love and approve of myself.

Write these down and many other affirmation that strike a good cord in you (you feel good when you say them and they feel true or like they are the Truth), carry them with you in your pocket, in your wallet with your money, plaster them on the walls in your home where you often stand or sit. The point is to USE them to create new neuropathways of thoughts and beleifs that orchestrate your life and your body!

Using EFT (meridian tapping) to first clear the negative beliefs/feelings and then insert the new positive beleifs would be even more effective and most likely quicker! It works if you work it!

Without understanding your "Other Hungers" or a thorough understanding of your unique "weight gain causes" is a critical piece is left out of many diet plans for the best way to lose weight or any quick weight loss programs. So the body fights to re-gain the weight lost.

That is why weight gain is usually the repetitive result.

Generally when you go on a diet you ignore many bodily sensations and become very disconnected from your guiding inner body wisdom. Dieters are trained to think the best way to lose weight is to ignore everything except the demands of the diet or exercise program for quick weight loss. Your body image is also a big force that keeps the body fat and is a cause of weight gain!

But remember the body is listening to what you are thinking and responding defensively by keeping fat on your body! Treat the body with respect and apologize to it when you judge it or don't listen to it.

Yes I am saying talk to yourself, you can tell everyone I told you to. Although it is probably better to do this in a whisper or when you are not around other people.

I am serious, the body is listening. Your body image can be blocking your success. Read the document in this website called The Anatomy of a Fat Thought to see what "fat thoughts" or body hatred thinking does eventually to how you behave....it is not pretty but if you "get" this and take responsibility by correcting it whenever you catch it, you will dramatically lessen your continued weight gain and eating to soothe yourself.

Judgments about body fat will just make you fatter - apologize to yourself and change them!

You cannot afford one more negative thought about your body, it could be keeping you FAT!

If you are not eating exactly what your belly is guiding you to eat (making a perfect match ) or not responding to hunger appropriately (eating with 5-15 minutes of noticing hunger) it sets off an alarm to store body fat and hold onto any extra weight.

Without understanding this aspect of your psyche, sustained weight loss will forever be an unobtainable longing, and weight gain will always be the end result.

So many things feel exactly like hunger. The Webster dictionary defines hunger as an "uneasy feeling in the gut". What else in life leads you to feel "uneasy" in your belly? The list could go on forever and be ever changing!

So I have broken down the Other Hungers into several categories and this ties very closely with the Rewards List as well as understanding the Causes of Over Eating.

Remember when you want to eat and you think you may not be hungry ask yourself...

  • What could I be needing?
  •  What could I be thinking or believing?
  • What could I be feeling? 

No self judgment....Stay FASCINATED!

Self judgement about body weight just makes you feel beat up!

As you use these tools that relate to weight gain causes and body image you will begin to discover several things regarding the best way to lose weight and keep it off without being on a diet or feeling deprived, if you are following a healthy diet that is guided by your belly wisdom:

1. If you eat without belly hunger, it never really fills the need so you just keep eating to fill up the " Other Hunger " feelings.

Say to yourself..."There is not enough chocolate in the world to satisfy me if I am eating to fill up any of the "other hungers". I might as well take the time to figure out what is going on with me and address my needs, thinking which becomes believing, or feeling right now or as soon as possible."

2. Pacifier - it is directly connected with the ego part that is the sabatour, it is not our friend.

3. You will begin to discover you are a very unique human being with multifaceted needs that have been neglected for a long time. Now you can begin to learn how to recognize and creatively satisfy them, this solves one of the weight gain causes.

See the PDF download for The Universal Needs List.

4. You will discover that you have many faulty beliefs about food, diet, eating, exercise, body image or weight that you picked up along the way that are not the real TRUTH, even thought they may seem like the truth.

Like "I should clear my plate or it is wasting food". These beliefs or thoughts are driving you to eat when you are not hungry or eat beyond fullness and gain a lot of weight, they are one of the weight gain causes!

See The Lies We Believe.

5. As you get better at discerning the difference between belly hunger, mouth/mind hunger and any of the "Other Hungers" you will begin to take better care of your real needs.

These techniques let the fat defensive part of the body calm down and cooperate with your weight loss efforts as long as you are not feeling food deprived (on a restrictive diet), you believe all foods are "legalized foods"(or not forbidden), and know that your Inner Belly Wisdom will guide you - it never lies!

Legalizing is Normalizing food is discussed on the page called Diet Free Thinking in this website (see the tabs to the left).

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