Models dieting tips can be seductive, because you mind sees their body and thnks it is worth it to get a body like that. Don't fall for the illusion! I was a model earlier in my life, it was a nightmare!

Models dieting tips were shared with me when I was a model in my twenties. It was shocking to learn how they kept their weight off or lost weight with their "dieting ideas". I later came to realize that the dieting ideas they shared were pro anorexia dieting tips". I had never heard of such a thing, it was strange and foreign to me, yet the model's I worked with assured me if I didn't follow the models dieting tips I wouldn't be able to compete in that industry for long.

In general to keep a body in the extremely thin category required for modeling you must go against the body's wisdom and actually have a mind-body spilt! Ignore the body's hunger signals when possible and eat foods that are not a match for the guiding signals from the belly wisdom - the body doesn't crave the same food over and over and prefers a lot of variety. this is the opposite of pro anorexia dieting tips.

The models dieting tips that were shared with me privately in wash area of the bathroom were basically purging the food by vomiting or excessive exercise as often as possible and constant use (abuse)of laxatives after every meal. Of course this was in addition to restricting calories as much as possible or at least purging anything that was not a "diet food" and even those should be purged if you ate anything more than the smallest portion.

Yet because the modeling industry and the idea of "models dieting tips" is so alluring many people buy magazines or books or read articles on that topic hoping to find dieting ideas that will finally make the difference for them.

What is not evident is that most often models have a compulsive relationship with food and are dirven by obsessions with restricting their food intake and obligatory exercise. This is not a Well Life!

Often people don't even realize how these models dieting tips sneak into their thinking and behavior. Because of this I recommend not recommend not reading those books, magazines or articles, think of them as seductive and poisonous.

If you are going to fast from anything, fast from watching TV shows (even The Biggest lLooser" is not a balanced perspective), reading books or magazines that talk about dieting. Don't be seduced into thinking this is a solution. Most models and movie stars are practicing abusing the body which is the practice of body hatred and a mind-body split. 95-98% of the people who diet regain the weight and more within a 2-5 year period and that includes models eventually!

Remember, it is often the first diet that starts a compulsive relationship with food, that can go on for a lifetime, while the body just gets bigger and bigger!

Models dieting tips

("Dieting is fattening" is the real truth)would seem rediculous if you understood and reviewed the sections on this website titled "Dieting is fattening" or "Causes of overeating" or "In the Beginning". I hope you can rise above the hype and lure of the media and spread the word to inform others. My hope is that we will live to see a day in the future when photos are just photos (not altered) and all models have normal size bodies or they are consideredt to be ill and undesirable, mentally and physically. Yep, I may be dreaming but that is my intention for our authentic future.