Use EFT to Help Weight Loss

Using EFT as often as possible could dramatically change the way you eat  - without dieting - finally allowing compulsive eating to stop and weight loss to occur!

EFT or the "Emotional Freedom Technique" as it was coined by its founder Gary Craig, is a fabulous technique that is easy to learn and powerful in transmuting your compulsions to eat when you are not hungry into taking much better care of yourself and your body.

It is essentially using your fingers to tap on the meridians in your body, the same energy pathways that are used for treatments using Acupuncture, but thank goodness needles are not necessary for this easy process. Tapping the energy treatment points is used for the purpose of correcting disturbed energy patterns that might underlie emotional and psychological problem.

You can use it daily at home, in your car, basically anywhere for any negative feeling, compulsion, or emotion you want to shift or address.

Don't be put off by how weird it can look, it works and that is all that matters.

There is lots of research that documents the effectiveness of EFT, and it is endorsed by World Renouned Researchers like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Depak Chopra MD., Dr. Candice Pert, Dr. Fred Gallo, Dr. David Feinstein, Dr. Mercola, and many more.

In spite of the fact that over 5,000 Psychotherapists worldwide are using this technique in their practices, it is a relatively new development in the field of psychotherapy. While clinical reports of successful outcomes using these methods are prolific, even with weight loss specifically, please understand that those reports do not constitute conclusive scientific evidence and should never be used to the exclusion of excellent medical care.

Check out the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and Gary Craig's website ( for clinical reports working with specific issues.

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This is a great video that summarizes EFT with great interviews from some of the "Masters" in this field. Turn up your volume, this is good!

I use EFT regularly for a wide variety of issues that come up for me throughout my days. If you check out the links on this page you will learn you can literally

This inspiring video is an excellent overview of how EFT helped a group of people deal with issues in their life that they had not been able to change. It also included numerous explanations and testimonies by the "experts" or "masters" in the field of Energy Psychology and EFT that I have been been trained by or studied under.

This is an amazing tool and there is tons of information about it on the internet (check out: and U-tube (type EFT in the U-tube browser). There is a catch though, it only works if you use it.

Suspend your disbelief and try it on your cravings and compulsions to eat when you are not hungry, you might be amazed at what will happen.

It cannot hurt you, try it on pain (no matter the cause, it can still really help), fears or phobias, sadness or grief, anxiety, anger, frustrations, feelings of hopelessness or if you are feeling powerless. Basically any negative emotion or sense of uneasiness in your body, it can change in a matter of minutes.

I have attached my written explanation telling how to do EFT on yourself so click here to download the PDF and read or print out:
Introduction to EFT from Mary Sue

I will be adding a video of myself shortly to demonstrate how to use it or you can contact me and I will call you and we can do it over the phone (have the handout in hand so you can see the points and make notes : ) .

One link (I will be adding more) I like that will give you audios you can download or books you can order for using EFT with many different issues is Thriving Now - look under the "specific issues" option on their left navigation bar and then go to "weight". They have some MP3 audio downloads you can use. I will eventually be adding my own on this site but for now you can use their products. I trust that site, just ignore the google adds though, I don't think people get to choose what goes there. Another link I like is for Brad Yates' site where he sells e-tappings; he is well known in the EFT community worldwide and considered to be an "EFT Master". His e-tappings are downloadable right away and really help you get started quickly using EFT. Check out Brad Yates for learning EFT through e-tappings.

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