Understand Your Eating Habits

Eating Without Hunger and Eating Beyond fullness - both set the body up for weight gain!

Why do we do it and how can we stop it without feeling deprived? This is a critical piece for allowing weight loss to occur in your body.

Ask yourself...am I ever eating without belly hunger or beyond fullness (even one bite)? Most people, especially people who struggle with weight loss, will say Yes!

Even though it is NOT true that people who are over weight eat a lot more than their thinner friends that are the same height and genetic body type, most often they actually eat less and still keep the extra weight on, unless they are in the binge mode of the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle (which is driven by dieting).

Usually that is because they have dieted more and their body has become very good at defending the fatty weight in case another famine is coming (a diet). Thank goodness this is all reversible to a great extent and that is what the information in this web site is designed to do.

Eating in connection with your inner belly wisdom will correct that phenomena of defensive fat storage from continuing and you will feel calm around all foods and feel better about your body without having to “be in control” through dieting.

The body has an exquisite mechanism hard wired into it that can guide you through each eating experience. This mechanism (the inner belly wisdom)will never misguide you, it can’t, it can’t lie or trick you like to mouth or the mind can try to trick you into eating without hunger.

Body Judgment about fat blocks weight loss!

The key is to first interrupt your old diet thinking and body hatred tapes playing in your head all the time. Guided Imagery Tapes like those recommended in the Resources section of this web site will help tremendously with that if you use them often in the beginning. Plus they will shift your energy and vibration to a much more positive state.

Understanding Why Diets Fail and The Causes Of Weight Gain in previous sections of this web site will help you to embrace Diet Free Thinking which will begin to let the body calm down, release fat stored out of defense, and guide you to a healthier stable weight.

Eating beyond fullness never feels good in the belly, although the mouth/mind would direct you to just keep eating anyway like a bratty little child that wants its way even if it has negative consequences.

Usually the thought is “Oh well, I will start again tomorrow, or just this one time won’t matter”. These are all tricks of the mind to get you to disconnect from your belly wisdom and let the mind run the show…which just keeps the cycle going and keeps you overweight.

See the Mouth Hunger is a Signal PDF download below for more information on this. This is an example of what you will discover about The Lies You Believe that are running all the time, when you listen to the mind as it tries to convince you to eat without hunger.

The next step is to interrupt any judgment about what you have done or want to do and instead to begin to learn from each eating experience. Even if you do eat beyond fullness or without hunger in the belly.

Stay Fascinated…this will allow you to unravel the way it plays out in your unique experience and discover what you are really needing, thinking/believing or feeling. Use the Bucks for Tuning In to capture and briefly "check in" with each eating experience. Stay curious remember you are just gathering information with no judgment.

Then and only then can you begin to truly and easily interrupt the eating without hunger behavior forever, and lose excess weight down to a healthy weight for your body.

The additional problem with eating without hunger is that it is difficult to stop because you started without hunger so how can you register when you are full or if it is satisfying in the belly, when the entire time the belly would be gently saying …..I really don’t want this right now. You can’t rank your hunger and fullness on the hunger scale because you start without hunger to begin with. Usually at that point you just eat until you are stuffed or your belly yells louder at you to please STOP.

So those moments that you want to eat, touch the belly and ask “Is my belly hungry?”. Always remind yourself “I will get to eat that food 100,000 times in my lifetime, there are no forbidden foods in my life. Now is my belly hungry for that right now? Then notice what the mind says, notice what you feel or believe.

Even frogs use inner belly wisdom for eating guidance!

Download Mouth Hunger is a Signal in PDF format

Download Bucks for Tuning In - in PDF format

Five very important questions to ask at this point as well are:

1. If I eat that food right now what will I get to feel? How do I create situations in my life where I can feel that in other ways?

2. If I don’t eat that food right now what will I have to feel? Can I let the feeling pass through me? Remember there is not enough food in the world to fill the whole if it is not about belly hunger.

3. What could I be thinking or believing (that probably isn’t the absolute Truth) and how can I tweak that right now?

4. What could I be needing right now? Can I plan to do that for myself as soon as possible or get help with that sometime soon?

5. What could I be feeling right now? Can I let the feeling move through me (remember all feelings come and go over time) and learn how to create a different feeling soon or get help with that? Use the Feelings Inventory PDF(link below) to help you get more clear each time EXACTLY what you are feeling.

Acknowledging what you are feeling gives the body and ego the signal that you are attempting to take care of it. Often this act alone can interrupt the need to eat without hunger.

You could eat without hunger, and feel terrible in the belly, and you will still have the feeling, the need, the thought or belief that wants your attention.

So you might as well figure it out, your inner wisdom is beckoning you to listen and take care of yourself. If you don’t know how to, you can learn or get help with learning how.

This web site is created for that purpose, YOU CAN DO IT one step at a time, or one eating experience at a time. The mystery is now unraveling and you will find your unique truth by listening to your inner belly wisdom and using your creative brain to come up with some great ways to meet your needs.

Use the Rewards List, the Other Hungers List, the Lies We believe List, and the Universal Needs List a lot in this process to identify what is going on in the moment. I can’t wait to hear what you are learning!

Download The Feelings Inventory in PDF format

Download The Lies We Beleive in PDF format

Download Other Hungers - the MORE in PDF format

Download The Rewards list in PDF format

Download The Universal Needs List in PDF format

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