Exercise For Weight Loss

Exercise for Weight Loss is essential - don't let anyone fool you into thinking you can lose weight without moving your body more and doing some strength training.

Exercise for weight loss is important for more reasons than I bet you may know. The real issue is that we were built to move, to fire our muscles daily.

Yet most of us live sedentary lives and go against the body's wisdom that resides within us that guides us to move, breath deeply and enjoy what we are doing as we move our bodies about the world.

Without exercise our bodies become sluggish and toxic with metabolic byproducts, we feel antsy, lazy, and even agitated at times not even knowing it is from a body "hunger" to be active.

Research has shown that there are two key components to exercise that are essential to be able to maintain the behavior. Interestingly it is doing it with PLEASURE and HAVING A BUDDY TO DO IT WITH YOU.

A Key Ingredient is That it is FUN. Do it With a Buddy and Have Fun - Even Better.

Often people exercise for weight loss with a very negative view of themselves and the activity because they have gained weight and are using the exercise as a form of punishment or payback for the weight they gained. Or often the exercise just isn't fun, or it might be even painful initially. Needless to say most people don't stick to such a behavior for long.

So it is important to have a list of activities you can do with you to remind you of many options to being more active. We often think our activity has to be at a gym or track or a class, and while these can be good options many times we postpone the activity because we are too tired or didn't plan it in our day, so then move to "option B" and do it before bed that day. So having a "plan A", "plan B", "plan C" and so on is a good idea.

Start making your plans and carry a list of options with you, GET A BUDDY (or several exercise buddies) and make it FUN.

Instead of meeting for coffee or lunch, meet with people and "Walk -N-Talk" or take a hike. Even in malls or Costco (before shopping walk the perimeter 2-3 times).

Be creative and get moving, make sure you smile alot and make it fun in any way you can.

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