Weight Loss Resources

Many resources for weight loss don't include important concepts for sustained weight loss - these are some of the best I recommend.

Here are some of the references I recommend for your continued growth and learning. Much of what they teach will be incorporated into the teachings on this web site.


Weight Loss - Free e-book by Jessica Ortner one of the creators of the Tapping solution Summit that happens every year- Great EFT information with a focus on weight loss!

The Appetite Awareness Workbook: How to Listen to Your Body and Overcome Bingeing, Overeating, and Obsession with Food by Linda W. Craighead (2006-02-01)

Constant Craving A-Z: A Simple Guide to Understanding and Healing Your Food Cravings (Hay House Lifestyles)

by Doreen Virtue. This is a great little book to investigate what your specific food cravings might be about at a deeper "craving" level, your other hungers or needs can be more easily determined with the help of this reference.

Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality

Even though this book is for women the back chapter has critical information for balancing energy in your body for weight loss. Get the book and practice every process that she recommends that applies to you. It will make a HUGE difference.

When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies: Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession

by Jane Hirshman and Carol Munter - these two ladies are two of the original founders of a non-diet approach to weight loss.

Feeding the Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating

by by Geneen Roth - another founder of the non-diet approach to weight loss, any of her books are helpful.

The Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome: How to Heal and Stabilize Your Appetite and Weight by Doreen Virtue (2010-04-15)

She also has audio tapes, very spiritual and comprehensive approach to the roots of what keeps weight on your bodies.

Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, Let Go of Anger and Blame, and Find Peace in Any Situation

by Colin Tippin - often there are issues of forgiveness that need to be explored for you to be free of excess weight.

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, 3rd Edition: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (Nonviolent Communication Guides)

by Marshall Rosenberg - this is where The Feelings Inventories and The Universal Needs List that I adapted for this work originated from.

Web sites and Powerful Online Webinars

Jessica Ortner has created this fantastic webinar you can do on your own time using the powerful technique of EFT!

Love Your Body with Brad Yates uses EFT to change your negative beliefs about your body that are keeping you stuck and keeping the weight stuck on you!

Body Beyond Belief with Brad Yates includes EFT to help you exercise and strengthen your body!

Innersource.net - Donna Eden and David Feinstein's website and materials.

RadicalForgiveness.com - Colin Tippin's website with good PDF downloads of forms to do the Radical Forgiveness process.

Lefkoe Institute - The Lefkoe process that can help you identify and eliminate many of the faulty beliefs that run you life and your eating! Doing this process can quickly change undesired patterns in your life- check out the testimonies on the web site. I have had many sessions with Shelly Lefkoe and I can say they radically changed what I attract in my life.

The Center for Non-Violent Communication or some call it Compassionate Communication.

The Center For Non-Violent Communication- the site for non-violent communication information-Where the adapted Universal Needs list and the Feelings Inventories originated from - if you learn this and use it your relationships could get much better and so could your communication.

Weight Loss Webinar with Jessica Ortner using EFT

Confidence Beyond Belief with Brad Yates - fabulous tap along EFT for Self Confidence

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