Drinking Water and Weight Loss Connection

Drinking water and weight loss go hand in hand. So often we eat because thirst feels like hunger!

Drinking water and weight loss are related because thirst is actually what is called one of the "other hungers" where you think you are hungry but it is actually thirst.

Most people don't think they are thirsty until they feel it in the mouth as a dryness, but this is far past the time we need to have a drink of water. Without consciously drinking more water daily the weight loss plan can be foiled, because it is one of the causes of overeating or eating without hunger.

Our bodies require 8 or more glasses of water daily to function efficiently, and few people drink that much plain water daily.

Drink Water Before Eating

Drinking water before each eating experience is a good idea so that you are at least ruling out the possibility that you are thirsty and think you are hungry in the belly.

With each swallow, pause to check in with the wisdom and guidance of the body. Always reminding yourself you will get to have that food 100,000 times in your lifetime. Then ask "Am I Hungry" while touching the belly; you may be surprized at the answer after drinkinng a glass of water.

There are also sections of this website that discuss energy fields in the body, and energy movement in the body requires good hydration as well. Before doing any of Energy Psychology (EFT) or Energy Medicine techniques be sure to drink a big glass of water!

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