Weight Loss Programs can actually causes Obesity!

You can learn how to change that with all the information on this site.

You might be surprised how weight loss programs negatively effect weight loss!

What are the Causes of Obesity?

1. Genetics? These determine body shape, bone density, muscle mass etc. Just because you have  family members with obesity it does not mean that is your destiny. Because weight loss programs are so heavily promoted they probably have been on many diets which make people get fatter each time, because they never learn how to do Responsive or Intuitive Eating or follow the inner belly wisdom when eating.

A very small percentage of bodies are actually genetically large.  An example is the Samoan people, they are large but that doesn’t mean they have to be over weight or have "obesity" and they can be very healthy. Their bone density and muscle mass is also larger so their % body fat is low. Especially if they are eating being guided by the inner belly wisdom like I teach this website.

2. Organ damage? Damage to the pituitary gland, thyroid, or loss of bodily sensations like taste, etc.can cause obesity. Research shows this is only < 1 % of obese population,  not the general population, have these issues & hypo-thyroid can be regulated with medication.

Also years of weight loss programs or dieting and then overeating  when the diet stops eventually causes increase in % body fat which can feel similar to organ damage.

This can be reversed & healed to a great extent by using Responsive Eating & following the guidance of the body’s inner wisdom being explained in this website.

3. DIETING and weight loss programs can eventually make you fat and create ongoing obesity!

Yep, shocking, I know but completely true.  If you have dieted more than once you already see this in your experience.

The Non-diet Approach taught on this site for meal planning,  guided by connecting to the belly wisdom is best with people who are deprivation sensitive and have been through many diets.

That is the wisdom and teaching you will get on this website and with the materials recommended here.

Dieting contributes to a Loss of Mental Connection with the body wisdom of hunger/fullness/body cravings-(or not consistent immediate response to hunger). The body adapts by becoming more efficient at storing more and more body fat and creating obesity.

4. NOT EXERCISING, we have a natural “hunger” to be active. The loss of connection with body's natural desire to move or be active results in a loss of muscle mass and core strength.

  • Accountability is usually necessary with this by use of a trainer or “check-ins” with a partner.  Research shows that exercise is more easily maintained by pairing it with fun (like doing it with friends, grandchildren or doing it in a group or with buddies).

 5. Not getting enough sleep and neuro-chemical or hormonal imbalances

 6. STRESS- How you perceive life determines your stress level-What you think can make you hold onto fat!

  • Stress causes a hormone cortisol to be released in large quantities that causes the body to store fat (fight or flight response). It also over stimulates the Triple Warmer Meridian and depletes the Spleen meridian-these control the body protective mechanisms and metabolism.

This can be prevented & corrected with using energy medicine and EFT.

Guess what the statistics are with the success of dieting?

95-98% of dieting attempts fail at sustained weight loss, and most dieters fall into the yo-yo diet cycle.

The diet fails the dieter!  Obesity is the end result.

  •  Diets are fueled by a Culturally Driven Manipulation of Body size, Good or Bad according to size or shape which is heavily influenced by the Fashion Industry Marketing Illusion!
  •  Western Medical Professionals' are misinformed about wht dieting does.  They unwittingly support dieting-Narrow Beliefs based on correlations and myth (see book: Big Fat Lies in the Resources).

  • Negative Body Image- There is a Cultural Morality regarding Muscle tone, driven by athletics or cultural icons about what is acceptable or “healthy”, but NOT realistic.
  •  Are you personally driven to "Fix" the body (to meet some external standard that also may not be realistic? Fantasy Driven-Attempts to "fix" body against genetic capabilities or what is realistic for quality of life and relationships to be healthy.
  • These negative thoughts are held in the body like an attack so it defends itself by storing fat!

  • Transference of sense of "lack of control" to trying to control the body by dieting. (see Anatomy of a Fat Thought or Other Hungers and SOS)     


Negative changes in  the body from dieting.

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) goes down – you burn less calories with normal activity = easy weight gain

  •  Increased Lipoprotein Lipase- you store body fat more efficiently = easy fat weight gain
  •   Increase in % body fat- with each diet muscle is lost and with each re-gain fat is gained
  • Redistribution of fat to abdominal area-- increasing risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension (high blood pressure) and adult onset diabetes.

  • Increased Craving for fatty foods = easy weight gain and overeating especially without practicing Responsive Eating

  • Craving for carbohydrates = easy weight gain and overeating especially without practicing  Responsive Eating

All of these negative changes from dieting are reversible using Responsive Eating and Healthy Exercise with some Strength training.

So now that you know the Causes of Obesity you can begin to interrupt this from re-occurring in your life. 

All the information on this site is the solution! 

It is actually what you knew to do as a baby, it is what you did automatically with food and exercise. 

You just got disconnected but now you can return to that wisdom with the guidance of the teachings on this site.

So be encouraged.... the struggle will soon be over!

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