A Quick Weight Loss Tip -
Using a Unique Food Log & Evaluation form every time you eat!

Do you want a quick weight loss tip?

There are some questions to answer first.....

  • How hungry you are to begin with? 
  • What  is your reason to eat?
  • Were you eating with distraction or too fast?
  • Are you aware of how full you are when you stop?
  • What feelings are you left with after you eat?

Most people have NO idea what the answers are to these questions. Many would never even  think of asking them or think  they are an important quick weight loss tip to follow forever. 

Your awareness must be greater about what is going on with you and your eating habits.

Because these questions are  not asked, most people are NOT learning from each eating experience and making permanent changes, they eventually regain all the weight they lost and gain even more!

A real Quick Weight Loss Tip is.......
Use this unique food log and evaluation.

Not just any journal but the very unique one that is offered here with the right questions and things to learn from it. 

A food log  that  is brief and  that you carry with you during the day to track what is going on when you eat is the best plan.

By checking the  boxes on the log and making brief notes about the food and how you feel before and after you eat will learn so much about habits that might be keeping the weight on. 

Below is an example of what one would look like- it must make you think of all  the questions covered in each column.

There is a better version of this to download and print for easy use if you like.  Do it!  Don't  neglect  this very important part of being able to track what is going on with your eating.

You will learn so much from using a log like the one I designed above.

Be sure to stay curious and fascinated answering the questions, not trying to be perfect or right.

It is one of the best quick weight loss tips to practice, to change your behavior quickly and lastingly.

Using a log like this is a great quick weight loss tip you may not have expected, but it is critical.   

It will give you endless clues as to why you struggle with weight and eating,  as well as clues as to how  to change how you eat in a lasting way.

Using this food log  will give you insights into why you eat, how you eat, how much you eat or how full you get,  and if the food was a good match for your belly hunger (not mouth/mind hunger- which is always  misleading).  

You just write brief notes about the food, not cups and measures, only so you can remember the food also as a piece of the puzzle. 

I will get into specifics of what to eat and how it affects you on other pages on this  website.

It is probably not what you are expecting either, it is easier than you might expect as well. Yeah!

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