Let me show you the path to lasting weight loss and peace with food, exercise and your body!

Hi, my name is Mary Sue, and I struggled with weight loss and being overweight for a long time. Then I found a world of information that finally put an end to my diet plans and needs!

Welcome to Inner Wisdom for Weight Loss!

Weight loss doesn't last, what is the missing link?

This web site is dedicated to those people who are wanting weight loss and want to be free of the mental anguish that comes with struggling with losing weight and  keeping it off. I hope you know there must be more to it than just healthy eating and exercising.

I want to know what you are struggling with regarding your weight so I can write about it or offer solutions. 

E-mail your questions and comments. It will be like having your own therapist you can call and ask questions about your specific weight issues so you can get the support you need to get going.  I have been in this field as a specialist since 1983.

If you landed here, I am guessing you are ready to find out the necessary missing pieces to allow weight loss to occur with your body cooperating with your efforts.


The medical statistics have shown for over 40 years that 95-98% of weight watchers re-gain the weight they lost, and usually they re-gain even more with a 2 to 5 year period.

There is a reason for that and it is not because you didn’t have enough will power, you didn’t fail, the program failed you!

Dieting can actually make you fatter over time! Check out the link for "Dieting is Fattening" in the "Why diets fail" page of this site.

Even healthy diet plans don’t work without some key factors for sustainable weight reduction to occur, and most people don’t know that.

That is why you’ve had bad experiences with dieting and weight loss, you didn’t know..... what you didn’t know.

Often people get hooked into thinking maybe a new diet pill or one of the new weight loss programs will do the trick. We just keep searching and spending our money to fix this very frustrating and painful part of our lives.

The truth is our bodies know how regulate body weight and appetite but most plans are missing very important pieces for the body to actually let go of weight and be able to keep it off.

Well, the struggle is over because you found this web site and the information I will be adding to it over time.

I promised myself I would do this and so now I am doing it, bit by bit, because the information is just to important to keep to myself and my private practice anymore.

I intend that it is a great gift of liberty and fascination for you.

The purpose of this website is to finally get this information out into the world for my patients and the public and help stop the struggle regarding weight, eating and body image. It is also a place for you to ask me your questions so I keep getting a better idea how to help you with your weight issues.


I am Mary Sue Abernethy and I have created this website to help you end the insanity and pain of dieting, re-gaining the lost weight and sometimes more, and feeling stuck.

At one point in my life I was almost 100 pounds heavier than I am now and I felt hopeless, because after trying so many diets, losing weight only to re-gain it, I eventually felt powerless over my eating and my weight (more about my story on the about me page).

But all that changed when I had an awakening that changed the  course of my life.  The insights gained allowed me to stop my compulsive relationship with food and lose weight. So I am here now to share my insights and teachings to help you do the same.

I am so glad you found this site (and me) and I hope to know you eventually.

The reasons why diets don’t work for long is that they trigger primitive areas of the brain and energy systems that then fight to keep the extra weight (especially belly fat) on your body.They also trigger a primitive reaction to the  sense of deprivation that pushes hard to protect you as if your life depends on it.

Now you can know the important key weight loss principles that must be a part of any weight loss plans. I hope you will take the time to learn more and benefit from the information about this comprehensive healthy lifestyle plan, you’re worth it!

It isn’t what you don’t know that hurts you

It is what you do know, that isn’t really so!

--Mark Twain

In this website I will be covering the following key components for you to learn and practice as you choose a healthy eating and exercise program that matches with your body wisdom, in order to allow sustainable weight loss to occur, for YOU.

Key components taught in this website:

1. Increasing your understanding of Why Diets Fail, that Dieting is Fattening, and the Causes of Obesity.

2. Learning what to do instead of dieting, still lose weight AND keep it off and get off the Yo-Yo diet  cycle.

3.Discover the INNER WISDOM you have inside you already that you may have disconnected from.  Inner wisdom has been defined as "a knowledge that comes from quieting the mind, setting aside the ego, setting aside one's ideas of how things should be, and listening and feeling for what feels truly right.”

You will learn to practice Mindful Eating for sustainable weight loss, that includes diet free thinking and eating.

4. You will learn to understand and translate your cravings so you can meet your real needs and stop eating when you don't have belly hunger and that includes stopping eating beyond fullness.

5. Discover great grocery shopping & cooking tips as well as many great resources to support you on your journey to liberty with eating, exercise and body image issues.

6. Learn about how nutritional deficiencies including amino acids, vitamins and minerals can create cravings that feel biological, especially sugar and carbohydrate cravings. You will learn how to correct these deficiencies and heal the body and the brain.

7. Learn how to alter your thinking and energy frequency or vibration in your body to allow your body to let go of excess weight. This will allow the frequency that will attract to you the things you want to manifest in your life instead of the things you don't want!

8. Discover Energy Psychology (EFT) as a "go to" to interrupt emotional eating and transformation of your thinking, it actually re-wires the brain!

9. Learn Energy Medicine techniques that help your body heal and return to a healthy weight.

10. Lots of great resources picked by me because with my training and experience I can filter out what is helpful and what is not.

There! Now I have told you what I am going to teach you through this web site, so let's get started using the information on the pages that follow.

Be sure to use the information here (carry them with you or take a picture of them on your phone and refer to them often), they will transform your thinking and behavior along the way.

They can be like "cheat sheets" or reminders of how you want to think and practice new behaviors.

Also please send me your feedback or success stories. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Remember.....you are precious!

Quietly affirm that you will define your own reality from now on and that your definition will be based on your inner wisdom - Wayne Dyer

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