Energy Medicine and Weight Loss

Energy Medicine techniques can assist you in altering your body's resistance to weight loss. These techniques can actually change your biology by altering the energy patterns in the body.

Energy Medicine such as EFT is getting more and more attention in the weight loss field for dealing with food cravings, compulsive eating, slow metabolism, and much more.

Donna Eden who I respect and trust explicitly is the original author of this information that I have adapted with my comments and additional teachings for weight loss. Because she has the unique ability to literally SEE eight (8) different energy systems in the human body and how they are affected by each technique she recommends, it is easy for me to completely trust and believe in her recommendations (I hope you will feel the same way soon).

She has had tremendous experience with energy medicine being extremely effective with weight loss. I have profound trust in this information and am certain these techniques can only help anyone who practices them. She was born with this unique gift of “sight” and has used it for the betterment of all who use her work or receive her teaching.

I wish Oprah had this information because when it is combined with the insights I have about the inner belly wisdom and psychology of eating you can only win at loosing excess weight and being free of food and weight tyranny forever!

I have typed a summary from the last chapter of her book Energy Medicine for Women titled Weight Loss Tips. I adapted it by adding many of my own insights from over two decades of research and teaching.

I highly recommend that you order her books, and DVDs or attend one of her workshops. She is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. Her books are extremely inspiring as she tells stories of the numerous healing experiences she has had in her own body and with others which in many cases were very serious illnesses or morbid obesity, over the many years when she was in practice treating people one-on-one (she no longer does that).

Several energy systems are involved with the body’s metabolism, food cravings, in the creation of muscle cells, and the storage or burning of fat cells. These energy systems tell the body chemistry what to do. You can help manage your weight by managing your energy systems, similar to regulating heat with a thermostat.

Donna tells one example of working with 16 women who where all over 300lbs each, by using only energy medicine as a daily practice (dieting was not allowed), and meeting twice per week for 16 months, each lost over 100lbs and kept the weight off! So let’s repeat that outcome!

Dieting is Fattening!

More than 150 million Americans are substantially overweight and 60 million are labeled as clinically obese. Most of these people diet several times and with each diet the body learns to protect itself by storing fat more efficiently to prepare for the next famine - the next diet.

In fact if you ignore hunger trying to save calories or eat only once or twice per day the metabolism is thrown off so much that the body then stores whatever you do eat as fat. And as you do without food when you are hungry the body digests itself, your own muscle and visceral protein (connective tissue) is broken down to be utilized for calories and survival, sparing the major organs as much as possible.

Then with each period of time off the diet the body regains fat as rapidly as it can store it and very little muscle is re-gained. Thus over several dieting episodes followed eventually by re-gaining any weight lost the body become disproportionately high in percentage of body fat to the detriment of muscle mass.

You can’t trick the body, it is very intelligent, always protecting us from what it senses as a threat to survival (when you are dieting or not eating when you get hunger signals). Diets tell the body to manufacture more fat cells as soon as possible and preserve the fat it already has.

The body becomes efficient at turning every calorie you eat into fat storage. It is a very primitive protective mechanism you can’t escape. This could take many months to correct and lots of time to rebuild the muscle as well as develop the body’s trust again that another famine isn’t coming and its protective metabolic maneuvers can be discontinued.

So excess eating is clearly not the only cause of excess weight, restrictive diets actually make us fat. A large portion of people who are overweight eat less and exercise more than their thinner friends or family members.

It is easy to underestimate the physiological pressure for the body to keep fat on it. Willpower will have little impact if your strategies do not take into account the energetic (and psychological) dimension of weight control.

Plus the approach needs to be continually monitored, as the strategies that work one week may need to be revised the next, your body’s energies are always shifting.

All of the Energy Medicine techniques for weight loss are listed in a handy summary table I created and provided for your convenience on this website. Many of these techniques can be viewed on YouTube as well.

You must have the book Energy Medicine for Women for this PDF to be useful because it refers to the page in the book to learn how to do each technique. The Energy Medicine tips are divided into three categories:

Category 1 - Making healthy choices when the body is screaming FEED ME - This category covers: Stressed Eating, Comfort Eating, Anxious Eating, Compulsive Eating, That Hollow Hungry Feeling, Specific Cravings in the Moment, Changing a Pattern of Cravings, Subclinical Allergies

As an example of one technique to use, is the 5 minute daily routine (p 51), to de-stress throughout the day and especially before eating. The video below demonstrates the techniques of the 5 minute daily routine.

Category 2 - Reprogramming the mind - This category covers: I love me just the way I am, Maintaining an Upbeat Feeling while Dieting or eating according to your belly wisdom, Changing a Present truth to a Truth that you want, Countering the fear of fat, Countering the fear of the bathroom scale, Countering depression about weight gain, Appreciating Plateaus.

Category 3 - Reprogramming the body for weight loss and to maintain a healthy weight This category covers: Lowering your Set point, Improving your metabolism, Assimilating food more Effectively, Activating a Sluggish Digestive Tract, Slimming your Waist and Belly, Oxygenating Your Body, Providing first aid for low blood sugar attacks, Countering Hormones, Keeping your thyroid healthy, and Eliminating Toxins.

I am excited to include this great information on my website. I really sense these techniques are one of the missing links to successful sustained weight loss and a healthy body and mind.

Please let me know how using these helps you in your progress, use the feedback form on my Author page.

Download my free PDF: Energy Medicine Tips for Weight Loss

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