The Path to Weight Loss

If I did it you can do it've got everything you need inside you!

Let me show you the path to lasting weight loss and peace with food, exercise and your body.

Lasting weight loss is not about will power, thank goodness!

Hi my name is Mary Sue Abernethy and I struggled with weight loss and being overweight for a long time, I was 100 pounds over weight and miserable, I felt hopeless.  I found a world of information that finally put an end to my diet plans and issues with food, weight and eating. I am sharing what turned things around for me on this site for your help!

When I was at my highest weight I even felt like I wanted to die because I was in so much pain about my body, my eating and my weight.........  so I made plans to take my life. 

And just in that moment something wonderful happened and I woke up to the truth of the situation and I was set on a completely new path of eventual recovery and freedom of the struggle with my eating and my weight forever!

At my lowest moment I had an awakening, an overwhelming but simple principles came to me in a moment of inspiration.  The concepts that came to me in that moment are shared in detail on this website for you to benefit from.

It was like waking up from a really bad dream.  The insights that came to me in that moment set me free of compulsive eating and the weight began to not only stop escalating but it began to fall off.

I was able to develop a practice of being a witness of my thoughts in a way that allowed me to realize I was being tricked by my thoughts (the ego mind) and misinterpreting so many things into the desire to eat.

I realized I wasn't bad, lazy, a glutton or a pig (as my mind told me I was) but that I was being tricked by a part of my mind that was a great deceiver so I called that part the "Ego Deceiver" or later I nicknamed it "ED".

I had been diagnosed with an eating disorder (Compulsive Eating Disorder and before that I had been diagnosed Anorexia). I had seen a lot of therapists and psychiatrists who were not able to help me, they just put me on medications and nothing got better (of course that was in the late 70s and there are good treatment centers available today).

After I was healed by practicing the insights I gained in that awakening, I completed my degree in Nutrition at the University of Texas at Austin and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I just thought that my experience was unique to me and it would not apply to the patients I was treating. 

But I found that putting people on diets for health reasons as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is supposed to do, wasn’t a good idea UNLESS I including the psychological insights I had gained about how the mind messes with us regarding good and bad food.

So I began to share my insights back in the late 70s and ended up being hired by Whole Foods Market as a Nutrition Educator right out of college and provided Nutrition Counseling at Lake Austin Resort which became well know for using a Non-diet approach to weight loss. 

I even created group Grocery Shopping Tours to make it even more practical for people to understand  our food industry and the problems with some foods that make us sick and fat.

I later had my own talk radio show all about Nutrition and Health. It was so much fun to have experts from all over the country want to come on my talk show.  I learned a lot from all these experiences. I was asked to speak all around he country for 5 years about this new "non-diet" approach to weight loss and maintenance.

I went on to get my Master’s Degree in Psychology and become a Psychotherapist in private practice as well as using my credential as a  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and have been doing counseling all together now since 1983.

 Check the video below, it is me, again!

Now after over 37 years of knowing and being a teacher of these weight loss  and maintenance principles, I am finally putting all my materials on this web site so I can release these wonderful teachings that were given to me. I am offering my unique insights after years of doing this one-on-one with clients as their psychotherapist and Dietitian Nutritionist.

My clients and associate therapists would tell me that I really needed to get this information “out there” to the public.I believed publishing a book was too difficult,so I kept feeling guilty that I had not organized and published the information.

I had self published a book on healthy “body centered” grocery shopping titled SuperMarketing but I wasn’t willing to spend time trying to promote it, much less organize the massive amount of files I had on weight loss and publish those. I was already working too many hours in my private practice as a Psychotherapist and Registered Dietitian.

Then it occurred to me I could create a web site and newsletters that would be a gradual and more fun way to get the information organized and out to a larger number of people. I intend to improve it and add to it weekly, based on feedback and input from the readers like you. Please send me e-mails with your questions or suggestions, I will write about it on this site, or let me know how this information has helped you be free of eating and weight issues.

In the long run I will get to feel relieved that I was a good steward of this information and released it in a refined way, back into the world for the benefit of all who were seeking it.

“A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.” Prov. 13:19

I knew I had to do it, I just didn’t know how until I found SBI (Solo Build It) the company that helped me learn how to bring it all together in a cohesive, respectful and comprehensive manner (it is still a work in progress).

I love using Solo Build It to create this website and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build a web site to provide information or a service to the internet world. They make it easy and fun! Check out this link and watch some of the videos, I am so blessed to have found SBI.

I trust that this information will free you from the tyranny of weight and eating struggles. I expect that it will open wonderful new insights and vistas of growth and liberty for your much larger personal journey (without being larger in size, pun intended ).

Mary Sue Abernethy, MFT, RD, BS, MA

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