Why Do Diets or Weight loss Plans Fail?

95-98% of the people following weight loss plans become Yo-Yo dieters and the weight loss is not sustained!

Why do Weight Loss Plans Fail? Often people say "I can accomplish some weight loss by following diet plans, but eventually I gain it all back and more". Why?

All diet plans are destined to fail if some key components are not first understood and applied every step along the way.

The reason why people struggle with weight loss plans even the best of them, and return to being overweight is quite sophisticated. Eventually we see that without the Inner Body Wisdom's cooperation that diets are truly fattening!

Check out Dieting is Fattening, that helps explain further. But that doesn't mean our body feels good when we eat with abandon either because it is still a disconnect from your Inner Belly Wisdom.

The body is very intelligent, it is guiding us all the time to the necessary steps to achieve weight loss if we are overweight.

The question is, are we listening to the body's wisdom or do we even know how?

The mind and body have a very primitive protective mechanism in place to return to a set point weight and fight all of your efforts for weight loss by following dieting.

The body can't be tricked into weight loss.

It is as if the body needs to be reassured that it is not in danger of any harm, starvation or severe deprivation (from restrictive diets that happen with weight loss plans).

Most diet plans begin with a thought that the body is too fat, with time this turns into belief and soon after that an obsession about weight loss.

This is interpreted by the subconscious mind as an attack of the self and the body begins to defend itself by storing more body fat to prepare for the impending famine(a diet) or starvation(restrictive dieting).

Weight loss plans and weight loss without inner wisdom directing it is followed by a cascade of biological responses that set to body up to re-gain any weight lost (and often more than before the last diet).

This website has very important information and practical techniques to interrupt this process and let your body settle back into a healthy weight.

This picture below helps explain why diets or weight loss plans fail you in the long run, and then you can move on the information for the solutions detailed in the rest of the pages on this web site.

It is revolutionary and it is so simple, everyone can do this!

In the Beginning ...what drives the Obsession with wanting to loose weight? 

It is generally initiated with the idea that we need to loose for some reason and then you start with your first diet, restricting foods or calories and feeling deprived. It is then the diet that creates over eating eventually....because we feel deprived.

Then you end up practicing not eating soon enough when you get hungry (which usually creates overeating) eating beyond fullness, or eating without hunger because you feel deprived from dieting/restricting.

Then to make up for it, people often engage in abusive/excessive obligatory exercise, which the body sees as stress and responds with puffiness and all the stress hormones which make us fat.

Then generally what follows is a very negative body image, worse than when you began the first diet, which fuels the cycle to start all over again. 

It is maddening!

The first way to stop this cycle is to  interrupt the"body disconnect" that happens with dieting/restricting. 

Diets/deprivation create overeating and disconnection from you inner body wisdom and  any hope for  healthy weight loss or maintenance.

Following weight loss plans without exercise and strength training of some sort will also affect the body in a very negative way.  More about that at this link Weight loss programs are FATTENING!

Stop the cycle, learn the techniques on this website and use the weight loss tools listed to help you do so.

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