How to stop overeating?

When you eat is your belly even hungry to begin with?

This page is about
Using “Bucks” for Tuning In and what "Other Hungers" might be driving you to eat!

Why do we need to practice "tuning in"? What does that mean anyway?

I found that in the beginning of learning from behavior that you want to change, you have to learn to practice "Tuning In",   being an observer of your thoughts and behavior with absolute curiosity and fascination, NO judgement.  This is absolute essential when learning how to stop overeating.

You are just gathering information by observing and recording your behavior around food.  Most people do better at this if they use a reminder to do so, something that is easy to use.  I'll show you an example below.

You could create something on your phone like the ones below or simply capture them print them out to carry with you and use them with every eating experience to practice  "tuning in" and learn  from what you discover.

Don't miss even one eating experience, develop the habit of using your eating time to learn about what is going on with how you eat, and what your think and feel with each eating experience.

This is the beginning to learning how to stop overeating.

I used these little "Bucks For Tuning In" during my weight loss journey and they made such a difference in changing my habits and learning from each eating experience.

I became fascinated to learn how many times I was eating and I wasn't even really hungry!

Just discovering that started beginning of learning how to stop overeating and learning how to take care of my "other hungers"

Cut these out and keep in your wallet with your dollar bills (or where you would keep dollar bills☺). 

That is why I call them “bucks” if you cut them out at the right size they should be about the size of a dollar bill, easy to put in your wallet, and there is a huge payback!

Use them all through the day to practice "tuning in" and capturing what is  going on with your eating so you can learn from each experience. 

Remember  to stay fascinated and curious, you are just "tuning in" and gathering information to see what is going one with your eating.

Write thoughts, feelings or notes on the back.

These are training and emotional “bucks” for deposit only in your learning bank account! You can easily see when "tuning in" quickly with each eating experience if you eat with or without hunger frequently by reviewing these.

Remember, NO judgment, you are learning from each eating experience which will eventually change your future behavior and allow weight loss! Don’t miss even one eating experience, it could be the one where you learn the most that will change you forever!


Don't think about it much when you are tuning in and checking the boxes on the the "bucks" that you carry with you.

Just be honest with yourself so you can see what is going on each time you eat.

Here is the example of the buck for tuning in.

A PDF of this tool is available for you to copy and print multiple copies so you can cut them out and carry them with you and practice "Tuning In". 

Using these reminders for "tuning in" is the first step to help create  new eating behaviors.

It is critical to the change process for most people in the beginning to do this each time you eat!

Also carry the “Other Hungers” list with you to  refer to often.

When you discover from "tuning in" that you are eating  without belly  hunger you can investigate what "other hunger" might be in happening.

A PDF of  Other Hungers is available for you to copy and print.

These "Other Hungers" can be discovered when you  are using the "Bucks For Tuning In" when you see how often you are wanting to eat or are actually eating without hunger, something else is going on that is not actual belly hunger. 

Stay fascinated and curious, with that type of impersonal observation you begin to differentiate yourself from your behavior. 

You are not what you do!

But until you are tuning in and writing  down what is going on you won't know how often you are eating disconnected from your belly wisdom.

You want to discover what you are doing, and how often you are doing it.

By asking yourself what Other Hungers could be driving your behavior you begin to interrupt the trick of the  ego to eat when your belly is not hungry or to overeat. 

You are bound to repeat the same behavior over and over if you don't start observing what is going on and asking yourself some questions!

This is one of the secrets about why people can't keep their weight off  when they diet.  They don't learn about belly wisdom and  tuning in.

It really is fascinating to find out how many times you are being tricked by your own ego.  Be sure to see ...."The Lies We believe" page in this site as well.

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