How to Stop Overeating?
 Stop eating without hunger!

Did you ever think about why you eat without hunger?  Most people do it every day without questioning it or even being aware that belly would have  been just fine without the food.   It is critical that you learn about all the reasons you eat without hunger, so you can  be more aware of this behavior and save yourself the calories and weight gain!

Get into the habit of touching your belly and asking "Am I even Hungry in my belly?" This a sure fire way to learn how to stop overeating.

For me it often goes more like  "What am I doing looking into the food pantry (after touching my belly to check in). I am  not even hungry......hmmm.....that is  interesting.....I wonder what  is up with me?  Touching the belly is a habit worth developing!  It can spare you tons of food and money, calories, extra weight and disconnect from your inner wisdom and possible discomfort.   It is good to imagine the food you are interested in all chewed up and sitting down in your belly.  I have done this thousands of times since back in 1981 and I still do it today.  I have gotten so connected to that inner wisdom I have even spit a singular piece of candy out of my mouth when I realized (after I had put it in my mouth) that my belly was not asking for that.  Yes I could have tolerated a little piece of candy, I wouldn't have felt sick or anything but I am so connected  to my inner wisdom now that I don't to do that to myself anymore. 

Plus research today has shown that  even little bites like that fuel craving later because it triggers  the  pleasure center of the brain and endorphins that we end up driving us to want more, and more, and  more and more!  I wrote  more about this in the  Amino Acid section under the  Craving Cure section of this  site.  I will keep adding to this over time (there is so much research coming about about these brain centers and nutritional deficiencies  that lead to neurotransmitter deficiencies which can be corrected with the proper diet (wholesome and organic) and amino acid nutritional therapy.  With this treatment cravings stop so it is much easier to stop eating without hunger, and your moods might improve as well.

Julia Ross wrote a wonderful well researched and evidence based book on craving it is called "The Craving Cure" and I have been  trained in using her approach to healing the depleted brain. 

This answers the question "how to stop overeating" and you can learn all about it here.

The Craving Cure exposes the real reason so many of us can’t stick to a healthy diet: our favorite foods are engineered to be addictive.

This is part of the  reason why we eat without hunger and  can't get the weight off.

I wish the answer to this problem about how our foods have been engineered to be addictive is to strictly deprive ourselves of them, but without changing "the meaning" you give those foods you will still what to eat them for many reasons that need to be undone in your  thinking.

When foods are labeled as "bad" or "forbidden" they become "special" and we want them and often overeat them once we get started.  Am I right?

So how is this truly undone?  The answer is by connecting to your Inner Wisdom, learning about how foods are manufactured somewhat, and using all the information I will provide for you here, for life.  It is so nice because after a while it is not a struggle, you are at peace with food and your bod

There are actually many things to know when you are learning how to stop overeating, that is what  this website is all about.  After decades of seeing people in my practice tortured with overeating issues and suffering with it myself for years, I have learned it has a bunch of layers, which are all covered in detail on this site for you to benefit from, so this insanity can stop running your life.

The other big issue about Eating Without Hunger is that because you don't have hunger in the  beginning to guide you so you can feel the  distinct difference between hunger and  fullness.  Plus usually when you are eating without hunger your are overeating maybe even binging if you have labeled the food as bad or forbidden, so once you start you just go for it.

The ego mind is tricky like that.  It says "well I have already started I might as well finish it  all"  or "I be better after I finish eating this, I'll start eating better tomorrow" (yet, tomorrow rarely comes or lasts). There is a lot more on the  ego and how it tricks you on the page called "Negative Self Talk".

This was the biggest revelation I had at the peak of my own suffering, I had no idea how to stop overeating and then I realized there was a time in my life that I was not interested in eating beyond fullness, like little children in a high chair eating, before I had any beliefs about food being good or bad or forbidden. I realized I was still hard wired to stop with fullness (or even a little before), because anything beyond this was uncomfortable, I was being guided by something bigger than my desire to eat, that Inner Wisdom. 

So I thought at first What am I believing that makes me want to eat beyond fullness or eat at all if I am not hungry. I started to realize what my thoughts were that convinced me to eat when I wasn't hungry and I realized they were lies, or trickery my mind would play on me, or try to get me to follow. Then I realized it was a strange part of the mind that would hurt me, it was tricky and  mean, it didn't care if I felt sick from the eating.  As I studied more I realized it was the  immature part of the brain that splits off when  we are young. We are individuating from our parents and and developing a sense of self or what is called "ego strength".  Unfortunately that part splits off when it realizes it can have autonomy or power in making it's own decisions, so that is what it is still doing but completely against our higher thinking. 

This was a huge moment of awakening......I was simply being tricked by a very immature irrational part of the thinking mind that had split off from my higher thinking a long time ago. 
I didn't have to "obey" it anymore, I realized it was lying to me, trying to trick me into doing what  it wanted, and  there was a larger part of me that knew better. 

So the next step is to understand better "The Lies We Believe" that go against intuitive eating so we can undo them or at the very least not be driven by them which is part of learning how to stop overeating.