How to Lose Weight Without Dieting? 
How to Eat without dieting?

Are you wondering...

  • Diet free eating AND lose weight - is this possible?
  • If I don't do diets, what do I do?
  • How do I eat for weight loss without a diet?
  • I am afraid I will just binge all the time and gain weight.  If I am not dieting - am I eating everything?

At first the idea of not being on a diet may seem like a contradiction to how to lose weight.

But frankly, it is the ONLY way to experience weight loss and keep it off.

Remember it is the diet, the feeling of deprivation, and the lack of connection to your own inner wisdom, that causes eventual weight gain following a weight loss period.

Look at Causes of Obesity and The Yo-Yo Diet Cycle.

The first step is to recognize that we as a species of "animals" inherently don't need to overeat. We are not facing a period of hibernation or starvation (unless we are starting a weight loss "diet").

Just like the little fat squirrel to the right, our bodies switch to a metabolic state of protective fat storage in preparation for the next time of starvation (or in human terms a restrictive diet of deprivation).

We can prevent the Starvation Response from happening in our bodies by changing how we think and eat by staying fully connected to the inner belly wisdom, and undoing or translating The Lies We Believe.

The great news is that you have a constant wise and truthful guide with you all the time, moment by moment, giving you information to utilize,to learn from, and calm you down regarding "what and how much" to eat.

This is the "how to lose weight" TRUTH!

All the details of how to Eat are in remembering how you ate before you had struggles with eating and weight. Or observe how little children eat before they have a concept of good or bad  food.

Children inherently know when they are hungry, they also have a vague ideas of what they will eat when variety is presented, they take a bite and go for what is a match for their preference that day.

They certainly know when they are full.  At that point you can't even trick them into eating one more bite.

There is abundant food for most of us (even if your money is limited). We must first convince the primitive brain of that, because after dieting and weight loss, the mind and body now know they must defend against future starvation.

We overeat or eat when we are not hungry for many reasons and most often it originates from many beliefs we hold that are not the TRUTH, but have been running our behavior for years.

So this website is all about how to lose weight by changing the mind, or your faulty beliefs that are running the behavior that keeps you in the struggle of weight gain and dieting.

Understanding the Causes Of Overeating and The Lies We Believe that run our behavior begins to unlock the chains that bind us regarding food, eating and losing weight.

You will learn to distinguish mouth/mind hunger from belly hunger by using the Eating Flow Chart and the Food Logs and Evaluation.

By practicing Mindful Eating guidelines you will discover the vast array of "Other Hungers" you have, and begin to discover how to really meet those needs that have nothing to do with belly hunger.

Those Other Hungers are the "MORE" you long for, that make you eat many times every day, which adds up to lots of unnecessary calories and fatty weight gain.

Use the Rewards List and Universal Needs List to assist you in planning to take care of these needs daily or as soon as possible.

Remember....Diets create insanity around food and overeating eventually!  In learning how to lose weight diets must be replaced with the thinking and eating principles shared in this website.

While practicing this style of eating described in the website, using the Mindful or Responsive  Eating guidelines after you have learned how Legalized and Normalized all foods in your belief system , you will be on the path to the best way to lose weight.

You will know how to lose weight and keep it off forever, effortlessly!

The inner belly wisdom is the BOSS!

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