Use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help with cravings, emotional eating,weight loss and body issues!

Using emotional freedom techniques (EFT) as often as possible could dramatically change the way you eat  - without dieting - finally allowing compulsive eating to stop and weight loss to occur!

EFT or the "Emotional Freedom Techniques" as it was coined by its founder Gary Craig, is a fabulous technique that is easy to learn and powerful in transmuting your compulsions to eat when you are not hungry into taking much better care of yourself and your body.

It is essentially using your fingers to tap on the meridians end points on your body (mostly head, hands and torso), the same energy pathways that are used for treatments using Acupuncture. Thank goodness needles are not necessary for this easy process.

Tapping the energy treatment points is used for the purpose of correcting disturbed energy patterns that might underlie emotional and psychological problem.

You can use it daily at home, in your car, basically anywhere for any negative feeling, compulsion, or emotion you want to shift or address.

Don't be put off by how weird it can look, it works and that is all that matters.

There is lots of research that documents the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and it is endorsed by World renowned  Researchers like Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Depak Chopra MD., Dr. Candice Pert, Dr. Fred Gallo, Dr. David Feinstein, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Peta Stapleton and many more.

In spite of the fact that over 5,000 Psychotherapists worldwide are using this technique in their practices (as of 2020), it is a relatively new development in the field of psychotherapy.

There are clinical reports of successful outcomes using these methods and now they are prolific, even with weight loss and cravings specifically. 

Check out the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)and Gary Craig's website on my  Weight Loss Tools page on this site  for clinical reports  and published research working with specific issues.

I will have updates from time to time in my articles from time to time because the research supporting EFT is just pouring out of peer reviewed journals now!  You can subscribe to the RSS feed (see Recent Articles at right - there is an orange button next to it to get those feeds automatically)

This is a great video that summarizes EFT with great interviews from some of the "Masters" in this field. Turn up your volume, this is good!

I use EFT regularly for a wide variety of issues that come up for me throughout my days anytime I feel a lack of peace inside me, usually from thoughts or feelings that need to be transformed.I teach it to almost all of my patients now and they are having fantastic success.

I learned about it back in 2004 and  it was in a very personal situation. 

If you check out the links on this page you will learn you can literally not only interrupt negative feelings and thoughts but transform them to empowering uplifting thoughts and feelings.

This inspiring video above is an excellent overview of how Emotional freedom Techniques helped a group of people deal with issues in their life that they had not been able to change prior to knowing about EFT.

It also included numerous explanations and testimonies by the "experts" or "masters" in the field of Energy Psychology and EFT that I have been been trained by or studied under.

This is an amazing tool and there is tons of information about it on the internet (check out: and YouTube (type EFT in the YouTube browser).

There is a catch though..... it only works if you use it.

Suspend your disbelief and try it on your cravings and compulsions to eat when you are not hungry, you might be amazed at what will happen.

Can EFT Tapping Tame Cravings?

Because EFT has now accumulated so much evidence as an effective treatment for other issues involving the brain, researchers of one clinical study wanted to explore whether Tapping could interrupt the neurological “script” involved with food cravings.

In the original study, researchers recruited 96 obese participants in the community, ages 18-60, whose Body Mass Index (BMI) and food cravings were at a high level.

They divided the group in two – one half receiving EFT treatments and the control group receiving nothing.

Researchers theorize that a craving is a neural connection in the amygdala that could be broken with EFT.

For example, if someone is scared about an upcoming meeting, they may eat chocolate to calm them down. The individual will continue following that pattern because the association has been established in the brain, and a neural pathway is created.

When EFT practitioners combine positive cognitive messages with tapping on acupressure points, the pathway disconnects, severing the association between stress and eating chocolate. Once it’s replaced by a new pathway (i.e. “I can smell or see chocolate and have no desire to eat it.”), the craving dissolved.

They sectioned the EFT Group into smaller groups of 15 people, each receiving four 2-hour EFT treatment sessions over a four-week period of time.

Researchers also gave the participants homework so that they would continue Tapping in between treatment sessions.

Each participant had to pick one food they craved the most—one they felt was most problematic in their eating. Most participants picked chocolate.

The questionnaires for both the EFT and Control groups were taken before treatment, just after treatment, at six months after treatment, and then, with this study, 12 months after treatment.

The Results

Here’s the interesting part. Between initial treatment and the six-month follow-up, participants reported significant positive changes in their “power over food,” psychological distress, food cravings, and restraint.

Interestingly, though, weight loss and Body Mass Index didn’t change between pre-treatment and the six-month mark.

BUT, both weight and BMI did change significantly between the six and 12-month mark.

What does this mean? When stress and emotional triggers behind food cravings fade, the body automatically moves to a state of balanced health and food cravings go away!

using Emotional Freedom Techniques improve several clinical markers

Here is a link to a great programs put together with Dr. Peta Stapleton and Glenn Mackintosh: Cources using EFT for eating, weight and body issues

Look for the ones titled "Freedom from Emotional Eating",  "EFT Tapping for Weight Management" or "Love your body healthy".  I really like that they have a payment plans also for as low as 17.99 per week for 6 weeks. Plus I love their accents!

Below is a brief video of Dr. Stapleton sharing her results, it is impressive!

It cannot hurt you, try it on pain (no matter the cause, it can still really help), fears or phobias, sadness or grief, anxiety, anger, frustrations, feelings of hopelessness or if you are feeling powerless. Basically any negative emotion or sense of uneasiness in your body, it can change in a matter of minutes.

I have created a written explanation telling how to do EFT on yourself so send me your e-mail and I will be happy to send it to you. It has a great summary page you can use as a reminder of the steps to do it on yourself.

Contact me and I will call you and we can do it over the internet on zoom (have the handout in hand so you can see the points and make notes : ) .

Below is a link for using EFT with the feelings of deprivation and weight loss issues with Carol Tuttle she really has great insight into the issues involved. This is one of the  main drivers of overeating!

The best and most specific link regarding weight loss is for Jessica Ortner's Tapping Solution for Weight loss.

I really like what she has created, it is transformational and spot on!

She has written a book that sounds great
"The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence: A Woman's Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More."

Here is a video of her below as a sampler.

Let me know your questions about using Emotional Freedom Techniques I will be happy to reply and support you in using this powerful transformational technique.

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