What is Self Talk?
How does it affect weight  loss? 
You must know and correct Your Self Talk

Many ask initially ...What is Self talk and what does it have to do with weight loss or overeating?

For the best weight loss program you must listen to what the mind is saying about your body, or food. 

What do you think about what you have to eat, or food you wish you could eat and still loose weight?

Your self-talk can set you up for success or failure, especially if you don't become a witness of it.  You must become aware of what the mind is thinking regarding your body, your size, your weight, good or bad food, calories, exercise etc.

Of course I believe the best weight loss program must include all the components presented on this website, especially this part about What is self talk.

So what exactly is "Self-Talk? How does it influence the best weight loss program?

Let's look at some positive examples below.

To make your plan weight loss or peace with food, try the following positive self talk to help you eat food consciously and calm your part down that wants to overeat or eat without fullness (see Causes Of Overeating)

Tell yourself.........

  •  I will be able to get this food again, I can eat it every day if my belly wants it.  My belly won't misguide me and  it usually doesn't want the same thing  over and over unless I  believe it  is forbidden or I won't get it again.
  •  I can have as much of this food as my belly really wants, it is different than my mouth.
  •  I do not have to stop eating it until I am sure I have had enough for my belly, it is different than my mouth
  • I will listen to my belly, it will tell me what I want and need, I will do my best to get it.
  • My body will not crave the same food over and over again for very long if I am exposing myself to enough variety.

The best weight loss program will include this type of positive scripting or self-talk  and it will be especially helpful with the foods you struggle with the most.

It will help you stay calm and make you less likely to “inhale”  the food, which will prevent eating beyond fullness and discontinue eating things you truly aren't hungry for. 

It's all in the listening to what you think....

with curious fascination...... and challenging/correcting the thoughts that trigger eating without hunger. 

They generally are NOT THE TRUTH!

Are you often thinking about food even when your are not hungry? 

These  foods are called "The foods that beckon you" like the ice cream that calls to you from the freezer, or food you see in commercials on TV.

This is usually an indication that you have something else going on.

Ask yourself what is self talk running in my hear? What could I  be believing....feeling or needing right  now.

Stay curious and ask the questions below like an objective private investigator, you will learn so much!

Best Weight Loss Programs needs this!

What is my self talk -Check In

Note: Check-in, ask yourself .......

What does my negative thought signal or symbolize?”  Explore new ways of talking to yourself about eating and your body. 

The statements below will get you started. Take this list with you everywhere for a while and practice!

Any judgment is a sign you are not staying fascinated about what is going on and how your thinking affects your eating.

You can’t learn while you are in judgment!

For the best weight loss program be sure to ask yourself the following questions over and over through each day......

  1. What am I believing/thinking, about food, eating, my body, or my weight? Are those thoughts/self talk leading me to eat without hunger?
  2. What am I feeling? Why am I “OK” with making myself feel bad?  I may not know how to deal with the feeling but I can  learn or get help.              
  3. What am I needing,what does that have to do with my belly hunger, am I even hungry?

  • Remind yourself.... I am learning to identify what I need and let my self talk  direct me to meeting my needs instead of eating without hunger..

Say to yourself out loud (or whisper to your self)

  • I am learning to distinguish between body hunger and mind/ego hunger by sensing  my body signals.
  • I am learning from those times I tune out.  I am learning to “tune in” to my body wisdom.
  • I am learning to eat according to my internal cues for a healthy body, I do not have to worry about being deprived ever again.
  • I am learning to eat consciously from belly hunger.
  •  My body will lead me to eating a wide variety of foods so I never have to feel deprived.
  •  I am working on resolving my struggle with my body and food and  learning  from every experience.
  • I am just like a private investigator, learning from the  evidence for non-truth in my self talk and behavior.
  • Eventually my body will not crave the same foods repeatedly.
  • I am learning that food/weight is not the most important thing to me, being free of this struggle with weight is more important.
  • My body knows how to regulate my weight, all I have to do is follow my inner guidance for hunger and fullness and stay curious and learn from my experience when I don't.
  • I am learning to feed myself when I am hungry and enjoy it by making a perfect match for what I am hungry for and stopping with fullness.
  • I am learning to take care for myself in new ways - listening to my thinking and learning to take care of my needs and correct my faulty beliefs.
  • I can give myself permission to eat when I am hungry knowing my body/belly will guide me regarding what to eat and when to stop.
  • My mouth hunger is generally not the truth, I can't trust it, it is connected to the ego that tricks me to eat without hunger or beyond fullness.
  • I am learning to connect with my body through my hunger and fullness signals.
  • I am learning to listen to my self talk with total curiosity and fascination! It can be my teacher .
  • Once I am not fooled by my self talk or Other Hungers I will be free from eating without hunger and free to stop when I am full. I will be at peace with food and my weight.

For the  best weight  loss program what do you do when  you want to eat and you shouldn't be hungry?

If you want to eat and you are not sure you are even hungry in the belly, learning what is your self talk can be your behavior buster by learning from it and changing it!

Say over and  over to yourself.....

I am so fascinating...

I wonder what I could be


Feeling ....

or Needing?

Here are some resources that include further reading and EFT for Self talk:

EFT Tap: Ego Awareness & Negative Self Talk!


Dealing with intrusive thoughts- Brad Yates


Dealing with obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior


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