Intuitive Eating teaches you how to bust our of the lies you believe!

Ok, so what are THE LIES WE BELIEVE that block intuitive eating?
They run our eating and disconnect us from our body/inner wisdom.

LEARNED FAMILY/CULTURAL EATING MESSAGES that trick you into eating beyond fullness or without hunger.

  • Eat "square" meals                 
  • Clean your plate           
  • Don't spoil your appetite
  • Limit certain foods because they are “bad”
  • A family who eats together stays together
  • Wait until your father/mother/husband get's home before you eat, no matter how hungry you are now
  • Think of starving children in China, Somalia, etc., so clear your plate.
  •  Eat food for Grandma, Uncle Ted, etc.
  • Certain foods for certain times of the day
  • Eat what's good for you before you eat what's good
  • Take all you want, but eat all you take

If you hear your mind say these things or your family members say them to you ask yourself.....What does this have to do with my belly, it knows when to eat and when to stop! That is intuitive eating.

THE BELLY IS THE BOSS, it can’t lie or trick you. It always tells the ask it if you are hungry or satisfied in the belly.

The ego mind/mouth and old messages we believe can trick us, disconnecting us from our own guidance system within and intuitive eating. 

Remembering what you were taught to believe and discerning the purpose of the belief while comparing it to what the belly tells us is the way back to our inner guidance, belly wisdom.


These are forms of OPPRESSION or mental abuse and block intuitive eating and connection to your inner wisdom!

  • Eating is greedy and self indulgent
  • The appetite is the enemy and must be controlled
  • All people can lose weight and keep it off if they try hard enough
  • Exercise is the best way to manage stress 
  • Fat is bad and all overweight people should diet and lose weight
  • Everyone should closely monitor the amount of fat and cholesterol in their diet
  • People should use exercise to help manage their weight and eating
  • Thin people get sick less and live longer than fat people
  • You are bad if you eat foods that are bad for you

NOTE: Stop for a moment and reflect on your ideal for physical beauty in a person of your gender. 

What image do you carry in your mind's eye?  See if you can discover where your ideal came from.

Consider how you measure up to it, and whether it is even remotely within your grasp to measure up to it, given your natural resources and dieting history.

Consider these FACTS to undo some of your old beliefs and reconnect to intuitive eating.

The American Society, as well as a growing number of other societies now, encourages the pursuit of thinness as a way to achieve greater social power, control and status.  

Beliefs in the medical community & the general public about diet & body size are not based in scientific research.  The stigma of obesity is re-enforced with misinformation from the medical community.

See book: Big Fat Lies by  Dr. Glazer  

The media misinformation, or what people see on television, the internet, newspapers and magazines has become the single most pervasive source of Lifestyle & Health Information for Americans!  

We live in a culture that is constantly chasing the false god of materialism and achievement. It is no Surprise then that many people are facing depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and burnout.  

Excerpted From Book-We Are Driven: The Compulsive Behaviors America Applauds

This intuitive eating plan will direct  you to ask very different questions when you are thinking about eating like.....

Are you thinking about food often when you are not even hungry?  That is Mouth or Mind Hunger. 

What is Mouth Hunger?

Some call it Mind Hunger and it is NOT connected to intuitive eating or belly wisdom.

Intuitive eating will help you realize when you are thinking about food and you are not even hungry!

If the foods beckon you to come eat them or go get them, they are connected to mouth/mind hunger.... then the ego is  at work here.

You are being tricked by Mouth Hunger or the ego.

Mouth Hunger is a Signal.

Do you know what it is?

When you want to eat even though you are not physically hungry, it means “something is up” and wants your attention, it is a great teachable moment about yourself, don’t miss the message and simply eat.

Remember you are not even hungry.

 You do not choose to have mouth hunger and you cannot simply will it away—but you can nurture it away!       

 When you are not hungry but reach for food, you are doing so because something inside you need help.

You are believing, feeling or needing something that needs to be addressed and or translated from the craving for food back to the real driver.

Compulsive eaters are people who chronically reach for help from food rather than from other people or within themselves. 

All of us eat from mouth/mind hunger in an effort to sidestep the fear of loss or the essential pains that come and go in life.

Fear of loss is so deeply rooted in us since childhood: loss of life, loss of love, and loss of self-esteem etc.

The goal then is to get better and better at simply feeling the original feeling moving through us, like a necessary rinsing, rather than transforming it into mouth hunger eating without belly hunger.

Sometimes it is our inner wisdom telling us simple truths like “I am tired or thirsty” (send me an e-mail for the PDF of "Other Hungers" as an easy reminder). Sometimes it is much deeper, but either way it wants to be made known and treated.

Intuitive eating will lead you discover you have other hungers that have nothing to do with food.

Ask yourself - What could I be…..

1. Believing (or Thinking) - about my body, food or my situation-stay fascinated (no judgement)and capture it, write it down (take it to your next therapy session) and challenge it with saying...

Who says that is the Truth? Where is the evidence for that in my life.....and what would my therapist or trusted friend say about that thought?

Afterwards always change your thinking “channel” by saying affirmations or positive self talk out loud (see: Self Talk Substitutes)

Again ask yourself what could I be……

 2. Feeling--how can you let the feeling be expressed (emote), allow and pace that part of you and escort it to move through and out of you, afterwards always change your feeling “channel” by saying affirmations out loud.

 3. Needing --see: Universal Needs List and write out possible options to get your needs met now or in the near future.

Stay Fascinated and learn from mouth hunger when it shows up.  Touch your belly and distinguish between belly hunger and Mouth/Mind Hunger

This practice will radically change your eating and eventually your life in many other ways!

This intuitive eating plan includes teaching you how to distinguish between Mouth/Mind Hunger and Belly Hunger.

Without that knowledge and practice you will re-gain any lost weight and be tricked over and over by the ego and become a yo-yo dieter.

This intuitive eating style teaches you that you do not choose to have mouth hunger and you cannot simply will it away.

But you can nurture it away!

This way of intuitive eating  will help you continue to distinguish  between mouth/mind hunger and belly hunger.

Because intuitive eating is .....

1.Eating when you are hungry (within 5-10 minutes if possible)

2. Making a perfect match with belly hunger with your food choices

3. Stopping when you are satisfied (a bit before you are really full because fullness expands a bit after you stop).

It is just that simple.  You can do this with ease if all the other teachings  from this website are in place as well, it really is easy once you know the truth!

All of us can eat from mouth/mind hunger in an effort to sidestep the fear of loss or the essential pains that come and go in life.

As an  example we often translate our feelings into a fear we won't get the food we think is forbidden. So believing in forbidden foods is the part of problem also. 

We just need  to translate it back into the truth, this intuitive eating style includes this teaching.

Without this teaching you will be lost  to binge eating or eating without hunger and weight gain.

The goal then is to get better and better at simply feeling the original feeling or sense of uneasiness moving through us, like a necessary rinsing,  or a wave of feelings and/or information, rather than transforming it into mouth hunger and acting on it by eating without belly hunger. 

Often Mouth/mind hunger is really our inner wisdom telling us simple truths like “I am tired or thirsty.

Sometimes it is much deeper, but either way it wants to be made known, understood and responded to (but not with food).

It is not as hard as your mind/ego wants you to believe it is!

Touch your belly and distinguish between belly hunger and Mouth/Mind Hunger!

The belly can never lie, it is connected to your inherent wisdom.

When connected to this wisdom you will not over eat or eat without hunger. 

You will also find yourself eating healthier foods and less quantity overall as well as feeling more peaceful and empowered!

Stay Fascinated and learn from Mouth Hunger when it shows up.

Translate it quickly.

Touching your belly often with intuitive eating will help you know when you are really hungry in the belly.