Tips for weight loss must include planning for
REWARDS that have nothing to do with food.
"The More" you are really wanting when you eat beyond fullness!

One of the greatest tips for weight loss is learning about how to plan for "Rewards" or what I call "The More" you are really wanting whenever you think of eating beyond fullness or without hunger. 

You have never lost your basic instinct just like babies, they know when to stop eating when they are full, so why do you keep eating?

Often you are trying to take care of yourself or address a faulty BELIEF: like fear from the belief the food will disappear (someone else might get it) and you won't get it again, OR your ego mind says "it doesn't matter if you eat just a little bit more or what is left on the plate even if you are full".  When you eat just that little it beyond fullness over and over, eventually it adds up to the  equivalent of a full meal and one your body didn't really need so it had to store all those extra calories as fat.

Tips for weight loss need to include looking at what you might be feeling before you are about to eat more or eat without hunger.   You also may be trying to take care of a FEELING that you may need to explore, believe it or not your feelings drive your eating. 

Or you may have a NEED going on that is not even related to food or eating, which is what this page will elaborate on.  Most eating plans neglect this as one of the tips for  weight loss. So the needs get translated into MORE food or eating without hunger, because it is not about body/belly hunger it is about a need you have that you may not even be aware of. 

So one of the big tips for weight loss here is to use the options below when you realize you want to eat but you are not hungry.

Eating without hunger can serve as a REWARD for doing something hard but also many other things that all of us can relate to such as:
Getting MORE of something......
AVOIDANCE ....etc., 
These are all things we want from time to time and instead of figuring out a way to let ourselves have them in a healthy way ....we eat instead without hunger or beyond fullness.

Just as food has been used in the past when you were not hungry, to try to meet the other needs once you realize it is not actual hunger.

Often after years of dieting it can feel like a very fragile part of you is desperate and making you eat when you don't need it.  Have compassion on yourself because you didn't know how to sort it out and what you will learn on the site will help you do that for life!

Learning to recognize the various types of hunger and learning to "feed" them as a part of your weight loss plan,  is one of the best tips for weight loss you could ever receive.

It is a life long opportunity to discover who you are, and how to meet your needs. 

If you discover you have a sense of hunger, and you begin to eat food, yet you feel that food is not satisfying the "hunger", ask yourself two questions.

1. Am I getting exactly what I am are wanting? Providing the perfect match for your body hunger is a very essential component to acquire a state where you are truly satisfied.

Remember to keep exploring and experimenting with new foods along the way.

Although there will be times when you can't get exactly what you want, this is when you can pay attention how that makes you feel, learn from that, and plan to get those foods as soon as possible the next time you are hungry.

Always remind yourself  “I will get to eat that food 100,000 times throughout my life" (this calms down the part of you  that is afraid of being deprived).

2. What  "other " type of hunger could you be experiencing?  You could be sensing one of three appetite types or Other Hungers.... physical, emotional or spiritual.

Learning how to "feed" these hungers as you notice them will also help you sense a state of satisfaction (verses discomfort).

The following list may help you on your journey when you realize you want food as a reward or escape etc.  Consider these possibilities for your enjoyment and write your own rewards to give yourself that have nothing to do with food!

A better version of this list is available for download is you would like it send me an email and let me know you want this PDF.

If you don’t take care of these needs no matter what they are, you will tend to eat to try to feel good, but it doesn’t ever really meet the true need. 

That is why you just keep eating, even if you are full, it is The MORE you want in life. 

 If you find yourself wanting to eat and you know you are not hungry, with no judgment whatsoever, be fascinated with the mystery going on and work on the translation, figure out what you are needing.

Remember, if you judge yourself you label the feeling, need, thought or belief as bad, and then it is just bad.

You are less likely to keep exploring and learning from what is taking place.

This is critical distinction to make in your weight loss plan as you observe what is going on with you and hunger and eating.

Eating without hunger will happen again and again if you don’t make the translation and meet your real underlying need, this is precisely how we get to be overweight, because we eat when that is not really what the need is, so you might as well make the translation now and save yourself lots of needless eating that never really meets the need anyway.  It feels good in the mouth but remember the mouth is hooked up with the ego-mind-hunger, most often it is not true belly hunger.

This is a very important moment to BE FASCINATED and ask yourself these questions:

1. If I eat this food what will I get to feel?

2. If I don’t eat this food what will I have to feel?

3. What is the MORE I am wanting? Can I brain storm another way to get that  for myself?

4. What could I be thinking/believing (about the food, myself, my body, others etc,.) that is leading me to want to eat without hunger? 

5. What could I be needing, that is leading me to want to eat without hunger? 

6. What could I be feeling, that is leading me to want to eat without hunger?

Remember the Universal Needs are hard wired into us as things we need from time to time, it is good to refer to that list and determine what it is you are needing and brainstorm how you can get that for yourself as soon as possible or the next best thing that is not food.