Weight Loss Strategies PDFs

Weight Loss Strategies PDFs for daily diet free living! The pages and links listed here are a compilation of all the PDFs added to this website over time.

This is to make it easier to find the pages that are meant to help you in your daily practice by printing them and taking them with you.

These are the very processes I used to lose 100 pounds myself and I have kept it off over 30 years! These processes really work - but only if you work it! It is your most natural way to be with food and eating, it just got obscured with conditioning and dieting.

Use the information from my free PDF's below to help you daily, to create your new weight loss strategies. They will allow you to develop new habits, new behavior and freedom from the tyranny of the ego that wants you to keep doing what you have done, and stay stuck with excess weight forever. Now you can be diet free and experience weight loss.

You were born into this world fully connected to your inner wisdom regarding eating, all babies exhibit this.

Now you can undo the conditioning in behavior and beliefs that has obscured your inner wisdom and reconnect with your constant guidance system that leads towards wellness and a healthy body weight.

Simply use some of these tools with your daily experiences with each time of eating anything, and begin to observe your thinking, feeling and believing especially when you want to eat without hunger or beyond fullness, opposing your inner wisdom.

Something is tricking you when this happens. It could be simple habit, so wake up and be very conscious in your eating experiences!

Connect with your belly, touch it and ask "Am I hungry?". Stay fascinated and curious. Ask yourself saying with fascination and curiosity "Hmm, what might be up with me if I want to eat and I am not hungry in my belly". These tools will really help if you use them.

It is actually easy once your consciousness has shifted and these concepts are a part of your thinking. You can't be tricked once you know the trickster's pranks. It is actually humorous when you realize what is going on and make the translation by getting your needs met, correcting your beliefs, or releasing and allowing your feelings to move through you.

Anatomy of a Fat Thought (this is where it all begins)

Bucks for Tuning In (these are the size of dollar bills if you cut them out, so they fit in your wallet, use for checking in at each meal)

Causes of Obesity (not what you think they are)

Causes of Overeating (you might be surprized)

Conscious Eating (Be present in the moment, slow it down and enjoy every bite thoroughly)

Dieting is Fattening (all diets will make you bigger than when you started within 2-5years- its is guaranteed by 40 years of research)

Eating Flow Chart (Great weight loss strategies pdfs overview-print back to back and glue together, then fold in half like a brochure)

Energy Medicine Tips for Weight Loss (Great weight loss strategies pdfs working with energy systems. Three pages outlining the three categories for using energy medicine to support weight loss)

Food Log and Evaluation(Great weight loss strategy to learn from each eating time. Use these with every eating experience- review after a week to look for patterns- stay fascinated- NO judgement! Awareness is the first step to awakening from the illusions!)

In the Beginning (the Obsession with losing Weight)

Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Legalizing is Normalizing (this takes the power of trigger foods)

Making the Perfect Match (if you don't do this you will just keep grazing or overeat what is not a match trying to feel satisfied)

Mouth Hunger is a signal (don't miss the message! It is a need, a feeling or a belief)

Other Hungers (these are Universal Needs or "The More" you are wanting in your life)

Responsive Eating (This is inherently natural way to eat according to inner wisdom - just like babies!)

Rewards List (This is a beginning list, add your own once you figure out what type of rewards work for you)

Sense of Self (this explains why we do compulsive behavior and the categories to fill in things we can do to develop our Sense Of Self)

The 5 Investigative Questions (The major Key to interrupting the illusion of the desire to eat when we are not hunger)

The Balanced Eating Plan (calculate what you need to eat daily and use food exchanges for variety)

The Feelings Inventory (Use this to figure out what you are feeling when you want to eat without hunger)

The Health Thought Cycle (even dieting "for health reasons" will backfire over time)

The Lies we believe (these are the ways we are conditioned to eat beyond fullness)

The Starvation Response (this is why we can't trick body with dieting and expect to keep the weight off)

The Universal Needs list (this helps you identify what you could be needing when you want to eat without hunger or beyond fullness)

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