How to stop a eating binge ask yourself ........
The 5 Investigative questions!

These questions are aimed at helping you figure out what is going on when you want to eat and you realize you are not actually hungry  "in the belly".

Questions to ask if you are just about to eat beyond fullness, or without hunger in the belly.

To stop a eating binge you must become just like a private investigator...... gathering the details of a "potential crime scene" (eating without hunger or beyond fullness). 

By using these questions often you can solve the mystery of what is now trying to take place (or just took place, if you already ate without hunger change the questions to past tense).

Remember as you ask yourself these questions.... STAY FASCINATED with no self judgment or you won’t get the clues to figure out what is driving a eating binge or the desire to eat without belly hunger.

Without discovering the answers to these questions your weight loss plans will ultimately fail!

Also remember the belly can’t lie, although the mind/mouth will seem to lie to you in order to trick you, in an attempt to get the needs of the ego met. 

Believe it or not, the ego/mind is trying to inform you but it is in translation..... it says I want more food, or I want to eat and I know you are not hungry.

It translates your Belief, Feeling or Need into a desire for food.

So now  it is  up  to you to ....investigate using these questions and make the translation back to the true issue.

Remember...... if it is not about belly hunger,  it will never get the need met and you will just keep eating and still feel the emptiness inside.

Plus  in the long run your weight loss plans will fail!

This is part of the secret that makes everything work better and better over time.

Also remind yourself that babies NEVER eat without hunger or beyond fullness, you are hard wired the same way.

So stay curious about what is up for you today.

Five very important questions to ask at this point are:

1. If I eat that food right now what will I get to feel? How do I create situations in my life where I can feel that feeling or sensation in other ways? How can I learn more about how to do that?

2. If I don’t eat that food right now what will I have to feel? Can I let the feeling pass through me? Remember there is not enough food in the world to fill the whole if it is not about belly hunger.

3. What could I be believing or thinking (that probably isn’t the absolute Truth). How can I tweak that right now or what could be another interpretation?

4. What could I be feeling right now? Can I let the feeling move through me (remember all feelings come and go over time) and learn how to create a different feeling soon or get help with that?

5. What could I be needing right now? Can I plan to do that for myself as soon as possible or get help with that sometime soon?

For a handy PDF of these 5 questions send me an e-mail and I will send that off to you. Carry this page with you or post it and use throughout the day or whenever you realize you may not be hungry but you are thinking about eating.

You could eat without hunger, and feel terrible in the belly  or just overfull, and you will still have the feeling, the need, the thought or belief that wants your attention.

So you might as well figure it out, your inner wisdom or higher self  is trying to get you to listen inside make any translations necessary to discover what you are Believing, Feeling or Needing and take care of yourself.

When you want to eat and you realize you are not hungry in the belly this is the moment your higher self is your guide out of eating when you are not even hungry. This guide is always with you, you are hard wired to know this but the ego tries to get you to deny the belly wisdom where the truth resides.

If you don’t know how to, you can learn how or get help with learning how.

This web site and information is created for that purpose, YOU CAN DO step at a time, or one eating experience at a time.

The mystery is now unraveling and you will find your unique truth by listening to your inner belly wisdom and using your creative brain to come up with some great ways to meet your needs.

Look at the on the page on this site called Get Rewards see the Rewards List,  also look at the Other Hungers , The Lies We believe List, the Universal Needs List and the Feelings Inventory lists often in this process to identify what is going on in the moment that is trying to fun an eating binge or eating without hunger.

I look forward to hearing about what you are learning about yourself!

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Increasing your awareness and asking 5 questions can prevent an eating binge